The Dance Critics Association (DCA) announces a Fiscal Sponsorship member benefit made possible by a new partnership between The Field and DCA

The Dance Critics Association (DCA) announces a Fiscal Sponsorship member benefit made possible by a new partnership between The Field and DCA

  • The Field is partnering with the Dance Critics Association (DCA) to offer fiscal sponsorship to DCA members.
  • As part of this partnership, DCA and The Field have created a joint DCA-Field membership option.

Fiscal sponsorship means that DCA members will now be able to have many of the benefits of a non-profit organization, without legally having to create a new non-profit (which is time consuming and expensive). To take advantage of this new member benefit, DCA members in good standing need to sign up for either a Local Harvest or a Deep Roots membership with The Field. DCA members will receive a $20 discount off of The Field’s regular prices for these options. The money DCA members spend will support the program that supports them, and will support DCA.

By being a fiscally sponsored dance writer/critic, DCA members will be able to receive tax-deductible contributions from individuals, apply for and receive grants that only non-profits can apply for, and everything else a non-profit can do.

This is the first fiscal sponsorship program designed for arts writers. While there are several fiscal sponsorship programs in the arts, they have been designed for performing artists. The DCA-Field partnership gives us an opportunity to create something unique, built on the foundation of The Field’s solid fiscal sponsorship technology and friendly service. The partnership is going to evolve over time as both organizations gain experience, so please ask questions and give us feedback.

The joint DCA-Field membership option allows DCA members to join The Field, and Field members to join DCA, at a discount. You will get the benefits of both service organizations, and stretch your budget farther. DCA members can choose either $20 off The Field’s Local Harvest membership (regularly $250 per year), $20 off of The Field’s Deep Roots membership (regularly $375 per year), or $15 off of The Field’s Staple Crop membership (regularly $100 per year). Field members can choose 15% off of any DCA membership (the standard DCA membership is regularly $50 per year).

For discount codes, contact your home organization.

AMERICAN DANCE CRITIC WANTED – Unique Travel Opportunity

“21st-Century Ballet” Forum in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

The organizers of the “21st-Century Ballet Forum,” in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, seek an American dance critic to participate in the events surrounding the October 5 premiere of a new production of “Swan Lake.” They are offering to pay airfare, hotel and per diem.

From October 5-9, 2014, the Third International Forum “21st-Century Ballet” will take place in the Krasnoyarsk State Theatre of Opera and Ballet dedicated to the ballets of P. Tchaikovsky. The forum will be packed with events: a photo exhibition and round table dedicated to the development of ballet art, a screening of documentary films about Tchaikovsky’s ballet “Swan Lake,” and a workshop with prominent figures from the world of ballet including People’s Artists of the USSR and Russia V. Gordeev, M. Leonova, M. Lavrovsky, N. Gracheva and others.

Additionally within the framework of these spectacular events, the Krasnoyarsk International Ballet Competition “Grand Prix of Siberia” will take place alongside the All-Russian Competition of Theatrical Folk Dance, October 6-9, under the chairmanship of People’s Artist of the USSR Yuri Grigorovich.

For further information, please contact: Alexander Zhurbin,; (+7-985-2207276)